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Multiphase processes


Transport processes in multiphase flows play a major role in many industrial applications and scientific investigations. One of the most interesting aspects is the study of mass transfer and hydrodynamic behaviour in systems which often show complex mutual interactions. In addition, the experimental investigations in liquid/liquid systems, phenomena such as drop breakage, drop coalescence or interfacial instabilities are also investigated in simplified systems. Optical in situ measurements provide local information pertaining to the volume fraction as well as drop-size distribution in such systems.

In recent years, fluid dynamics simulation tools (CFD) have played an important role in unravelling complex multi-phase transport phenomena in close co-ordination with experimental results.  Our group is involved in the application of both commercial as well as non-commercial CFD codes for research, development and technology optimisation.

Ongoing projects
Batch phase separation of twphase liquid-liquid systems in stirred vessels
Jörn Villwock
Dispersion and coalesence in stirred three-phase systems,
Collaborative Research Centre/Transregio 63 project B8
Lena Hohl
Mass transfer around gas bubbles in reacting liquids, DFG Priority Programme SPP 1740 "Reactive bubbly flows"
David Merker
Breakage phenomena in gas/liquid systems

Frederic Krakau
Transport processes and interfacial phenomena in surfactant containing multiphase systems
Joschka Schulz
Mass transfer and interfacial phenomena in micellar three phase systems and pickering emulsions, Collaborative Research Centre/Transregio 63 Project A6
Marc Petzold
Dispersion, coalescence und rheology in nano particle systems
Susanne Röhl
CFD in multiphase systems with complex rheology

Frauke Enders
Computational fluid dynamics of fixed bed reactors including complex reactions
Nico Jurtz
Coalescence investigations via acoustic levitation

Jan-Paul Ruiken
Experimental and numerical study of water/oil phase separation
Song Ye

Finished projects
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