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Here you find all our publications, which have an ISBN or DOI plus dissertations and professorial dissertations. The entries are chronologically sorted (in descending order). Each entry can be downloaded as a BibTex file.

For a detailed search in our list, please click here. You can find a download of the complete list of publications (incl. online publications and publications without ISBN/DOI) on the right hand side.

Manuscripts/preprints of journal publications can be downloaded here.


Partikelcharakterisierung und -messtechniken in lebensmittel- und biotechnologischen Systemen

Böhm, L., Bliatsiou, C., Kraume, M., Krull, R., Kwade, A. and Veiter, L.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 1336. 2018

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Experimental and numerical investigations on cultivations of filamentous microorganisms towards a better understanding and process control

Pommehrene, K., Schrader, M., Bliatsiou, C., Schmideder, S., Böhm, L., Briesen, H., Kraume, M., Kwade, A. and Krull, R.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 1341. 2018

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Größenverteilung von fluiden Partikeln in einem wellendurchmischten Single-Use-Bioreaktor

Panckow, R., Böhm, L., Junne, S. and Kraume, M.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 1301. 2018

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Modellierung der Phasentrennung in flüssigen Dreiphasensystemen

Hohl, L. and Kraume, M.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 1311-1312. 2018

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Separation efficiency and design optimization of gravity settlers - CFD modeling and experimental investigation

Charlafti, E., Leleu, D., Steinhoff, J., Bart, H.-J., Pfennig, A., Kraume, M. and Reinecke, L.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 1311. 2018

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Heat transfer characteristics of a stirred single-use bioreactor

Müller, M., Husemann, U., Greller, G., Kraume, M. and Meusel, W.

Biochemical Engineering Journal, 168-177. 2018

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Description of Disperse Multiphase Processes: Quo Vadis?

Hohl, L., Panckow, R., Schulz, J., Jurtz, N., Böhm, L. and Kraume, M.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 1709-1726. 2018

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Nutrient recovery from anaerobic sludge by membrane filtration: pilot tests at a 2.5 MWe biogas plant

Gienau, T., Brüß, U., Kraume, M. and Rosenberger, S.

International Journal of Recycling of Organic Waste in Agriculture, 325-334. 2018

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Nutrient recycling from the effluent of a decentralized anaerobic membrane bioreactor AnMBR treating fresh domestic wastewater by cultivation of the microalgae Acutodesmus obliquus

Foix-Cablé, M., Darmawan, R., Sahnoun, M., Hindersin, S., Kerner, M. and Kraume, M.

Water Science and Technology, 1556-1565. 2018

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In vitro nanoparticle dosimetry for adherent growing cell monolayers covering bottom and lateral walls

Böhmert, L., König, L., Sieg, H., Lichtenstein, D., Paul, N., Braeuning, A., Voigt, A. and Lampen, A.

Particle and Fibre Toxicology, 1-20. 2018

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Misch- und Rührtechnik in chemischen Reaktoren

Kraume, M.

Handbuch Chemische Reaktoren: Grundlagen und Anwendungen der Chemischen Reaktionstechnik. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 1-46. 2018

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Development of an experimental setup applying rainbow schlieren deflectometry for visualization and quantification of heat and mass transfer in multiphase systems

Schulz, J., Junne, H., Böhm, L. and Kraume, M.

Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Experimental Fluid Mechanics ICEFM 2018 Munich, 226-231. 2018

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Fluid dynamics of single bubbles in different continuous phases measured with two high-speed cameras carried on a real-time controlled linear guidance

Merker, D., Böhm, L., Enders, F. and Kraume, M.

Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Experimental Fluid Mechanics ICEFM 2018 Munich, 464-468. 2018

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Advances in fixed-bed reactor modeling using particle-resolved computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

Jurtz, N., Kraume, M. and Wehinger, G.

Reviews in Chemical Engineering, 139-190. 2019

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Influence of impeller geometry on hydromechanical stress in stirred liquid/liquid dispersions

Bliatsiou, C., Malik, A., Böhm, L. and Kraume, M.

Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 2537-2550. 2019

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Leakproofness of dangerous goods packagings-comparison of worst-case limit leakage rates and sensitivity of the bubble test

Schlick-Hasper, E., Goedecke, T. and Kraume, M.

Packaging Technology and Science, 279-285. 2019

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Dispersion and phase separation of water/oil/amphiphile systems in stirred tanks

Hohl, L., Röder, V. and Kraume, M.

Chemical Engineering & Technology, 1574-1586. 2019

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3D Single Bubble Breakup Tracking in a Stirred Tank

Krakau, F. and Kraume, M.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 980-990. 2019

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3-D Observation of Single Air Bubble Breakup in a Stirred Tank

Krakau, F. and Kraume, M.

Chemical Engineering & Technology, 1357-1370. 2019

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Flow Compartments in Viscoelastic Fluids Using Radial Impellers in Stirred Tanks

Kolano, M. and Kraume, M.

Chemical Engineering & Technology, 1670-1679. 2019

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Numerical Characterization of the Bubble Rise Behavior in Viscoelastic Liquids

Enders, F., Merker, D., Kolano, M., Böhm, L. and Kraume, M.

Chemical Engineering & Technology, 1395-1403. 2019

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The Charm of Small Conferences (Editorial)

Kraume, M.

Chemical Engineering and Technology, 1348. 2019

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Numerical Analysis of the Impact of Particle Friction on Bed Voidage in Fixed-Beds

Jurtz, N., Waldherr, P. and Kraume, M.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 1260-1266. 2019

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