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Here you find all our publications, which have an ISBN or DOI plus dissertations and professorial dissertations. The entries are chronologically sorted (in descending order). Each entry can be downloaded as a BibTex file.

For a detailed search in our list, please click here. You can find a download of the complete list of publications (incl. online publications and publications without ISBN/DOI) on the right hand side.

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Systematische Analyse des Koaleszenzverhaltens von zweiphasigen Flüssigsystemen bei Ionenzugabe [33]

Villwock, J.

2019 TU Berlin

Download Bibtex entry [34]

Multiphase Stirred Tank Bioreactors - New Geometrical Concepts and Scale-up Approaches [35]

Böhm, L., Hohl, L., Bliatsiou, C. and Kraume, M.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 1724-1746. 2019

Download Bibtex entry [36]

Development of solubility selective mixed-matrix membranes for n-butane/methane separation [37]

Hülagü, D.

2019 TU Berlin

Download Bibtex entry [38]

Development of a continuous process and dynamic modeling of the chemo‐enzymatic epoxidation of α‐pinene [39]

Meyer-Waßewitz, J.

2019 TU Berlin

Download Bibtex entry [40]

Mixing Systems for Single-Use [41]

Werner, S., Kraume, M. and Eibl, D.

Single-Use Technology in Biopharmaceutical Manufacture. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, 25-35. 2019

Download Bibtex entry [42]

Numerical Analysis of the Impact of Particle Friction on Bed Voidage in Fixed-Beds [43]

Jurtz, N., Waldherr, P. and Kraume, M.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 1260-1266. 2019

Download Bibtex entry [44]

Advances in fixed-bed reactor modeling using particle-resolved computational fluid dynamics (CFD) [45]

Jurtz, N., Kraume, M. and Wehinger, G.

Reviews in Chemical Engineering, 139-190. 2019

Download Bibtex entry [46]

Influence of impeller geometry on hydromechanical stress in stirred liquid/liquid dispersions [47]

Bliatsiou, C., Malik, A., Böhm, L. and Kraume, M.

Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 2537-2550. 2019

Download Bibtex entry [48]

Separation of lignin from beech wood hydrolysate using polymeric resins and zeolites textendash Determination and application of adsorption isotherms [49]

Nitzsche, R., Gröngröft, A. and Kraume, M.

Separation and Purification Technology, 491-502. 2019

Download Bibtex entry [50]

Dispersion and phase separation in liquid multiphase systems: Influence of three phase conditions on drop size distributions [51]

Hohl, L.

2019 TU Berlin

Download Bibtex entry [52]


Oil-in-Water Pickering Emulsions Stabilized by Halloysite Clay Nanotubes Toward Efficient Filterability [53]

Stehl, D., Skale, T., Hohl, L., Lvov, Y., Koetz, J., Kraume, M., Drews, A. and von Klitzing, R.

ACS Applied Nano Materials, 11743-11751. 2020

Download Bibtex entry [54]

Enhancing the Thermal Performance of Slender Packed Beds through Internal Heat Fins [55]

Jurtz, N., Flaischlen, S., Scherf, S., Kraume, M. and Wehinger, G.

Processes, 1528. 2020

Download Bibtex entry [56]

Dynamics of Competitive Adsorption of Lipase and Ionic Surfactants at the WatertextendashAir Interface [57]

Javadi, A., Dowlati, S., Miller, R., Schneck, E., Eckert, K. and Kraume, M.

Langmuir, 12010-12022. 2020

Download Bibtex entry [58]

Influence of Ozone Treatment on Ultrafiltration Performance and Nutrient Flow in a Membrane Based Nutrient Recovery Process from Anaerobic Digestate [59]

Gienau, T., Ehrmanntraut, A., Kraume, M. and Rosenberger, S.

Membranes, 64. 2020

Download Bibtex entry [60]

A Multi-Scale Approach to Modeling the Interfacial Reaction Kinetics of Lipases with Emphasis on Enzyme Adsorption at Water-Oil Interfaces [61]

Rusli, S., Grabowski, J., Drews, A. and Kraume, M.

Processes, 1082. 2020

Download Bibtex entry [62]

Gas-liquid mass transfer in micellar multiphase systems: A comparison between falling-film and stirred-tank reactors [63]

Afraz, N., Petzold, M., Hohl, L., Hecht, K., Böhm, L. and Kraume, M.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 1312. 2020

Download Bibtex entry [64]

First systematic study on the impact of preparation conditions on characteristic Pickering emulsion properties [65]

Drews, A., Kempin, M. and Kraume, M.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 1295. 2020

Download Bibtex entry [66]

Organic solvent nanofiltration of water-in-oil Pickering emulsions textendash Impact of organic phase viscosity [67]

Kempin, M., Schroeder, H., Drews, A. and Kraume, M.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 1294-1295. 2020

Download Bibtex entry [68]

Neue Herausforderungen und innovative Lösungen in der industriellen Mischtechnik [69]

Last, W. and Kraume, M.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 1165. 2020

Download Bibtex entry [70]

Biotechnologische Synthese von Methan aus Wasserstoff und Kohlendioxid [71]

Schmit, P., Brunner, M. and Kraume, M.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 1158-1159. 2020

Download Bibtex entry [72]

Impact of Contact Scaling and Drag Calculation on the Accuracy of Coarse-Grained Discrete Element Method [73]

Jurtz, N., Kruggel-Emden, H., Baran, O., Aglave, R., Cocco, R. and Kraume, M.

Chemical Engineering & Technology, 1959-1970. 2020

Download Bibtex entry [74]

Ultrafiltration of Beechwood Hydrolysate for Concentrating Hemicellulose Sugars and Removal of LignintextemdashParameter Estimation Using Statistical Methods and Multiobjective Optimization [75]

Nitzsche, R., Gröngröft, A., Goj, I. and Kraume, M.

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 7875-7887. 2020

Download Bibtex entry [76]

Combination of an anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR) with microalgae production for decentralized wastewater treatment [77]

Foix-Cablé, M.

2020 TU Berlin

Download Bibtex entry [78]

Hysteresis effect of propeller jet flows in viscoelastic fluids: Steady state flow patterns [79]

Cao, C. and Kraume, M.

Chemical Engineering Science, 115750. 2020

Download Bibtex entry [80]

W/O Pickering emulsion preparation using a batch rotor-stator mixer textendash Influence on rheology, drop size distribution and filtration behavior [81]

Kempin, M., Kraume, M. and Drews, A.

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 135-149. 2020

Download Bibtex entry [82]

Validation of pressure drop prediction and bed generation of fixed-beds with complex particle shapes using discrete element method and computational fluid dynamics [83]

Jurtz, N., Wehinger, G., Srivastava, U., Henkel, T. and Kraume, M.

AIChE Journal, e16967. 2020

Download Bibtex entry [84]

The Use of Biomagnetism for Biogas Production from Sugar Beet Pulp [85]

Pessoa, M., Motta Sobrinho, M. and Kraume, M.

Biochemical Engineering Journal, 107770. 2020

Download Bibtex entry [86]

Rheological characteristics of filamentous cultivation broths and suitable model fluids [87]

Bliatsiou, C., Schrinner, K., Waldherr, P., Tesche, S., Böhm, L., Kraume, M. and Krull, R.

Biochemical Engineering Journal, 107746. 2020

Download Bibtex entry [88]

Influence of particle type and concentration on the ultrafiltration behavior of nanoparticle stabilized Pickering emulsions and suspensions [89]

Kempin, M., Stock, S., von Klitzing, R., Kraume, M. and Drews, A.

Separation and Purification Technology, 117457. 2020

Download Bibtex entry [90]

Synthesis of Light Hydrocarbons from Biogas and Hydrogen: Investigation of a Fe-Mn-K/MgO Catalyst [91]

Dietrich, S., Nieß, S., Rönsch, R. and Kraume, M.

Chemical Engineering & Technology, 1547-1553. 2020

Download Bibtex entry [92]

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