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Here you find all our publications, which have an ISBN or DOI plus dissertations and professorial dissertations. The entries are chronologically sorted (in descending order). Each entry can be downloaded as a BibTex file.

For a detailed search in our list, please click here. You can find a download of the complete list of publications (incl. online publications and publications without ISBN/DOI) on the right hand side.

Manuscripts/preprints of journal publications can be downloaded here.

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Nutrient recycling from the effluent of a decentralized anaerobic membrane bioreactor AnMBR treating fresh domestic wastewater by cultivation of the microalgae Acutodesmus obliquus [33]

Foix-Cablé, M., Darmawan, R., Sahnoun, M., Hindersin, S., Kerner, M. and Kraume, M.

Water Science and Technology, 1556-1565. 2018

Download Bibtex entry [34]

Nutrient recovery from anaerobic sludge by membrane filtration: pilot tests at a 2.5 MWe biogas plant [35]

Gienau, T., Brüß, U., Kraume, M. and Rosenberger, S.

International Journal of Recycling of Organic Waste in Agriculture, 325-334. 2018

Download Bibtex entry [36]

Description of Disperse Multiphase Processes: Quo Vadis? [37]

Hohl, L., Panckow, R., Schulz, J., Jurtz, N., Böhm, L. and Kraume, M.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 1709-1726. 2018

Download Bibtex entry [38]

Heat transfer characteristics of a stirred single-use bioreactor [39]

Müller, M., Husemann, U., Greller, G., Kraume, M. and Meusel, W.

Biochemical Engineering Journal, 168-177. 2018

Download Bibtex entry [40]

Analyse, Charakterisierung und Modellierung der Gasleckageraten repräsentativer Bauarten von Gefahrgutverpackungen [41]

Schlick-Hasper, E.

2018 TU Berlin

Download Bibtex entry [42]

Partikelcharakterisierung und -messtechniken in lebensmittel- und biotechnologischen Systemen [43]

Böhm, L., Bliatsiou, C., Kraume, M., Krull, R., Kwade, A. and Veiter, L.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 1336. 2018

Download Bibtex entry [44]

Separation efficiency and design optimization of gravity settlers - CFD modeling and experimental investigation [45]

Charlafti, E., Leleu, D., Steinhoff, J., Bart, H.-J., Pfennig, A., Kraume, M. and Reinecke, L.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 1311. 2018

Download Bibtex entry [46]

Modellierung der Phasentrennung in flüssigen Dreiphasensystemen [47]

Hohl, L. and Kraume, M.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 1311-1312. 2018

Download Bibtex entry [48]

Größenverteilung von fluiden Partikeln in einem wellendurchmischten Single-Use-Bioreaktor [49]

Panckow, R., Böhm, L., Junne, S. and Kraume, M.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 1301. 2018

Download Bibtex entry [50]

Charakterisierung des Gas/Flüssigkeits-Stofftransports in mizellaren Lösungsmittelsystemen mit mehreren Flüssigphasen [51]

Petzold, M., Böhm, L. and Kraume, M.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 1305. 2018

Download Bibtex entry [52]

Experimental and numerical investigations on cultivations of filamentous microorganisms towards a better understanding and process control [53]

Pommehrene, K., Schrader, M., Bliatsiou, C., Schmideder, S., Böhm, L., Briesen, H., Kraume, M., Kwade, A. and Krull, R.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 1341. 2018

Download Bibtex entry [54]

Biopolymer Interactions of Anaerobic Sludge and their Influence on Membrane Performance [55]

Gienau, T., Kraume, M. and Rosenberger, S.

Journal of Membrane Science, 634-642. 2018

Download Bibtex entry [56]

Rheological Characterization of Anaerobic Sludge from Agricultural and Bio-Waste Biogas Plants [57]

Gienau, T., Kraume, M. and Rosenberger, S.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 988-997. 2018

Download Bibtex entry [58]

Influence of the length of the internal sleeve valve on the release of powdery substances from the closures of valved bags for dangerous goods [59]

Schlick-Hasper, E., Eiben, M., Drousch, B., Heinrich, A., Goedecke, T. and Kraume, M.

Packaging Technology and Science, 532-544. 2018

Download Bibtex entry [60]

Towards Drop Size Modeling in Three Phase Microemulsion Systems [61]

Hohl, L., Schulz, J. and Kraume, M.

Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan, 383-388. 2018

Download Bibtex entry [62]

Enzyme membrane reactor system (EMRS) for the bioconversion of lignin-containing substrates by a novel heme peroxidase [63]

Busse, N.

Shaker Verlag, Aachen. 2018 TU Berlin

Download Bibtex entry [64]

Nutrient Recovery from Biogas Digestate by Optimised Membrane Treatment [65]

Gienau, T., Brüß, U., Kraume, M. and Rosenberger, S.

Waste and Biomass Valorization, 2337-2347. 2018

Download Bibtex entry [66]

Application of heat compensation calorimetry to an E. coli fed-batch process [67]

Müller, M., Meusel, W., Husemann, U., Greller, G. and Kraume, M.

Journal of Biotechnology, 133-143. 2018

Download Bibtex entry [68]

The formation of complex droplets in liquid three phase systems and their effect on dispersion and phase separation [69]

Hohl, L. and Kraume, M.

Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 89-101. 2018

Download Bibtex entry [70]

Sift-proofness of Dangerous Goods Packagings - An Incompletely Defined Requirement [71]

Schlick-Hasper, E., Goedecke, T. and Kraume, M.

Packaging Technology and Science, 235-245. 2018

Download Bibtex entry [72]

Energieeffiziente Gärrestaufbereitung - Auswirkung verschiedener Vorbehandlungen auf die Ultrafiltration und Umkehrosmose von Gärresten [73]

Gienau, T.

2018 TU Berlin

Download Bibtex entry [74]


Nutrient recovery from biogas digestate by optimised membrane treatment [75]

Gienau, T., Brüss, U., Kraume, M. and Rosenberger, S.

Proceedings of ATHENS 2017: 5th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management 2017

Download Bibtex entry [76]

Heterologe Expression eines von Galleria mellonella abgeleiteten antimikrobiellen Peptids (AMP) mittels insektenzellbasierter Expressionssysteme [77]

Druzinec, D.

2017 TU Berlin

Download Bibtex entry [78]

Mass Transfer and Drop Size Distributions in Reactive Nanoparticle-Stabilized Multiphase Systems [79]

Petzold, M., Röhl, S., Hohl, L., Stehl, D., Lehmann, M., von Klitzing, R. and Kraume, M.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 1561-1573. 2017

Download Bibtex entry [80]

Measurement of heat transfer coefficients in stirred single-use bioreactors by the decay of hydrogen peroxide [81]

Müller, M., Meusel, W., Husemann, U., Greller, G. and Kraume, M.

Engineering in Life Sciences, 1234-1243. 2017

Download Bibtex entry [82]

Modeling the design and operational mode of a continuous membrane reactor for enzymatic lignin modification [83]

Busse, N., Kraume, M. and Czermak, P.

Biochemical Engineering Journal, 88-98. 2017

Download Bibtex entry [84]

Modelling and prediction of organic solvent flux and retention of surfactants by organic solvent nanofiltration [85]

Zedel, D., Kraume, M. and Drews, A.

Journal of Membrane Science, 323-332. 2017

Download Bibtex entry [86]

An organic-single-phase CSTR process for the chemo-enzymatic epoxidation of alpha-pinene enables high selectivity and productivity [87]

Meyer-Waßewitz, J., Holtmann, D., Ansorge-Schumacher, M., Kraume, M. and Drews, A.

Biochemical Engineering Journal, 68-77. 2017

Download Bibtex entry [88]

Systematic coalescence investigations in liquid/liquid systems - From single drops to technical application [89]

Kamp, J.

2017 TU Berlin

Download Bibtex entry [90]

Palladium catalyzed methoxycarbonylation of 1-dodecene in biphasic systems - Optimization of catalyst recycling [91]

Schmidt, M., Pogrzeba, T., Hohl, L., Weber, A., Kielholz, A., Kraume, M. and Schomäcker, R.

Molecular Catalysis, 1 - 8. 2017

Download Bibtex entry [92]

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