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Here you find all our publications, which have an ISBN or DOI plus dissertations and professorial dissertations. The entries are chronologically sorted (in descending order). Each entry can be downloaded as a BibTex file.

For a detailed search in our list, please click here. You can find a download of the complete list of publications (incl. online publications and publications without ISBN/DOI) on the right hand side.

Manuscripts/preprints of journal publications can be downloaded here.


Tropfenzerteilung in gerührten Dispersionen

Maaß, S. and Kraume, M.

Proceedings 12. Köthener Rührer Kolloquium, Köthen, 17.-18.06.2009, full paper. 2010

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Determination of breakage rates with single drop experiments

Maaß, S., Hermann, S. and Kraume, M.

Proceedings 12. Köthener Rührer Kolloquium, Köthen, 17.-18.06.2009, full paper. 2010

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Influence of ionic strength on coalescence in liquid/liquid systems

Maaß, S., Heldt, S. and Kraume, M.

Proceedings WCPT6 - World Congress on Particle Technology 2010, Nürnberg, 26.-29.04.2010, full paper. 2010

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Measuring of particle size distributions in stirred tanks

Maaß, S., Grünig, J. and Kraume, M.

Proceedings 7th International Conference on Multiphase Flow 2010, Tampa, Florida, 30.05.-04.06.2010, full paper. 2010

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Comprehensive flux enhancer screening - from lab to pilot scale

Drews, A., Iversen, V. and Kraume, M.

Proceedings MBR Asia, Bangkok, 26.-27.04.2010, 199-206. 2010

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Kontinuierliches Screeningsystem für biokatalytische Prozesse

Lyagin, E., Drews, A. and Kraume, M.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 1547-1547. 2010

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Ultrafiltration of Surfactant Micelles: Cross-flow Experiments and Flux Modelling

Drews, A., Arellano-Garcia, H., Schomäcker, R., Kraume, M. and Wozny, G.

Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, 787-792. 2010

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Terminal and transient drop rise velocity of single toluene droplets in water

Wegener, M., Kraume, M. and Paschedag, A.

AIChE Journal, 2-10. 2010

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Fouling in MBR - Causes, Cures and Contradictions

Drews, A.

Proceedings MBR Asia, Bangkok, 26.-27.04.2010, 54-61. 2010

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Continuous screening system for inhibited enzyme catalysis: A membrane reactor approach.

Lyagin, E., Drews, A., Bhattacharya, S., Ansorge-Schumacher, M. and Kraume, M.

Biotechnology Journal, 813-821. 2010

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Rheologische Charakterisierung von Faulschlämmen

Brehmer, M., Merz, C., Lemasle, S. and Kraume, M.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 1375-1375. 2010

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Filterability assessment in membrane bioreactors using an in-situ filtration test cell

Torre, T. D. l., Mottschall, M., Lesjean, B., Drews, A., Iheanaetu, A. and Kraume, M.

Water Science and Technology, 2809-2816. 2010

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Influence of sludge loadings and types of substrates on nutrients removal in MBRs

Bracklow, U., Drews, A., Gnirss, R., Klamm, S., Lesjean, B., Stüber, J., Barjenbruch, M. and Kraume, M.

Desalination, 734-739. 2010

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Performance of a compact submerged membrane sequencing batch reactor (SM-SBR) for greywater treatment

Kraume, M., Scheumann, R., Baban, A. and Hamouri, B. E.

Desalination, 1011-1013. 2010

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Searching for a universal fouling indicator for membrane bioreactors

Torre, T. D. l., Iversen, V., Meng, F., Stüber, J., Drews, A., Lesjean, B. and Kraume, M.

Desalination and Water Treatment, 264–269. 2010

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Membrane bioreactors in waste water treatment - Status and trends

Kraume, M. and Drews, A.

Chemical Engineering & Technology, 1-10. 2010

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Fluiddynamische Untersuchungen in einem Airlift-Schlaufenreaktor zur MAP-Kristallisation

Stumpf, D., Schünemann, M., Heinzmann, B. and Kraume, M.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 1576-1576. 2010

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Messung von Schubspannungen beim Aufstieg von Einzelblasen

Böhm, L., Bérubé, P. and Kraume, M.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 1397-1397. 2010

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Kinetik einer Epoxidierung mittels silikonbeschichtetem Novozym®435

Bhattacharya, S., Drews, A., Kraume, M. and Ansorge-Schumacher, M.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 1523-1524. 2010

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DNS deformierbarer Einzeltropfen mit Marangoni-Konvektion

Bäumler, K., Wegener, M., Paschedag, A. and Bänsch, E.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 1386-1387. 2010

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The occurrence of fungi in activated sludge from MBRs

Awad, M. and Kraume, M.

World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, 514-518. 2010

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Development of a cost model for membrane bioreactors including sludge handling costs

Schaller, J., Drews, A. and Kraume, M.

Desalination and Water Treatment, 315-320. 2010

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Prozessintensivierung bei der Kultivierung humaner mesenchymaler Stammzellen

Justice, C., Grace, P. P., Freimark, D., Kraume, M., Geigle, P. and Czermak, P.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 1504-1504. 2010

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Process control in cell culture technology using dielectric spectroscopy

Justice, C., Brix, A., Freimark, D., Kraume, M., Pfromm, P., Eichenmüller, B. and P.Czermak

Biotechnology Advances, 391-401. 2011

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