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Here you find all our publications, which have an ISBN or DOI plus dissertations and professorial dissertations. The entries are chronologically sorted (in descending order). Each entry can be downloaded as a BibTex file.

For a detailed search in our list, please click here. You can find a download of the complete list of publications (incl. online publications and publications without ISBN/DOI) on the right hand side.

Manuscripts/preprints of journal publications can be downloaded here.

Power Consumption and Blend Time of Co-Axial Tank Mixing Systems in Non-Newtonian Fluids

Rudolph, L., Atiemo-Obeng, V., Schaefer, M. and Kraume, M.

13th Conference on European Mixing, Kings College, London, 14.-17. April 2009 2009

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Mass Production of Mesenchymal Stem Cells - Impact of Bioreactor Design and Flow Conditions on Proliferation and Differentiation

Jossen, V., Pörtner, R., Kaiser, S., Kraume, M., Eibl, D. and Eibl, R.

Cells and Biomaterials in Regenerative Medicine. InTech. 2014

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Textiles for the filtration of activated sludge in membrane bioreactors (MBRs)

Iversen, V., Hermann, S., Drews, A., Münz, J., Götz, G., Fatarella, E., Lesjean, B., Böhm, L. and Kraume, M.

Filtech 2009, Wiesbaden, 13.-15.10.2009, II-694 - II-701. 2009

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Abbauverhalten und Überschußschlammproduktion von Mischbiozönosen in Membranbioreaktoren

Rosenberger, S., Kraume, M., R. Witzig, R. and Szewzyk, U.

Verfahrenstechnik der Abwasser- und Schlammbehandlung. Fuck Verlag, Koblenz, 216-226. 1999

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Effects of various Flux Enhancers in MBR: lab tests vs. pilot scale operation

Iversen, V., Hermann, S., Drews, A., Mehrez, R., Ernst, M., Jekel, M., Lesjean, B. and Kraume, M.

Final MBR-Network Workshop, Berlin, Germany, 31.03-01.04.2009, 29-30. 2009

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Flux enhancing chemicals in MBR: A 3 year comprehensive study

Iversen, V., Hermann, S., Drews, A., Lesjean, B. and Kraume, M.

Euromembrane, Montpellier, 06.09-10.09.2009, 508. 2009

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Charakterisierung von belebtem Schlamm in Membranbelebungs-reaktoren zur Abwasserreinigung

Rosenberger, S.

Fortschritt-Berichte VDI, Reihe 3, Nr. 769, VDI-Verlag, Düsseldorf. 2003 TU Berlin

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Dispersion and coalescence in stirred micellar multtiphase systems

Hohl, L., Paul, N. and Kraume, M.

Conference Proceedings of the 20th International Conference of Process Engineering and Chemical Plant Design, 97-106. 2014

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Influence of composition and process parameters on the dispersion conditions and drop size distribution in stirred micellar multiphase systems

Hohl, L., Paul, N. and Kraume, M.

Abstract Book of the 10th European Congress of Chemical Engineering, 575. 2015

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Stirred Bioreactors: Current State and Developments, With Special Emphasis on Biopharmaceutical Production Processes

Jossen, V., Eibl, R., Pörtner, R., Kraume, M. and Eibl, D.

Current Developments in Biotechnology and Bioengineering. Elsevier, 179-215. 2017

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MBR - Influence of dynamic operations

Hermann, S., Röttgers, N., Iversen, V., Drews, A., Lesjean, B. and Kraume, M.

Final MBR-Network Workshop, Berlin, Germany, 31.03.-01.04.09, 125-126. 2009

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Modelling of coalescence in turbulent stirred liquid/liquid dispersions considering droplet charge

Hermann, S., Maaß, S., Kumar, S., Agarwal, S. and Kraume, M.

Proceedings 4th International Conference on Population Balance Modelling, Berlin, 15.-17.09.2010, full paper. 2010

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Untersuchungen zur Steuerung von Tropfengrößenverteilungen

Hermann, S., Erdt, R., Maaß, S. and Kraume, M.

Proceedings 13. Köthener Rührer-Kolloqium, Köthen, 17.06.2010, 37-53. 2011

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Fluid dynamics of Newtonian and non-Newtonian liquids in MBR with flat sheet membranes

Prieske, H., Drews, A. and Kraume, M.

MBR for the Next Generation II 2013

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Hydrodynamik nicht-Newtonscher Fluide in MBR mit Plattenmodulen

Prieske, H., Drews, A. and Kraume, M.

10. Aachener Tagung Wasser und Membranen - Membrantechnik in der Wasseraufbereitung und Abwasserbehandlung, 259-262. 2013

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Continuous Organic Acid Production in a Membrane Bioreactor with Submerged Ceramic Flat Membranes

Hahn, T., Kovacs, Z., Schieber, S., Grau, K., Schmidt, H., Kraume, M. and Czermak, P.

PERMEA 2009, Prag, 07.-11.06.2009, 141-. 2009

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Fluiddynamische Auslegung von Membranbioreaktoren unter dem Aspekt der effektiven Deckschichtkontrolle

Prieske, H., Böhm, L., Drews, A. and Kraume, M.

8. Aachener Tagung Wasser und Membranen, Aachen, 27. und 28.10.2009, A16-1 bis A16-10. 2009

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