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Biological processes


The enhanced focus on “green” research activities in recent times has triggered interest in the use of  biological processes for industrial applications. We deal with various aspects of biological processes, like improved nutrient removal and metabolite production.

Ongoing projects
Optimization of biogas production aiming a maximation of energy generation through anaerobic treatment of sugar beets
Matheus Pessoa
Usage of domestic wastewater in a bioreactor façade (Collaborative project HAWANA, subproject 2)
Mathilde Foix-Cablé
Use of early warning indicators and additives to improve performance in single-stage biogas plants, development of regulatory procedure for process stabilization (Collaborative project ProGas, Subproject 2: Fluid Dynamics)
Markus Kolano
Enzymatic  Splitting  of triglycerides (LIPES),  within the EU research funding programme "BioBased Industries BBI/SIRA"
Sherly Rusli
Interaction of mechanical stress and productivity of biological agglomerates in an aerated stirred tank, DFG priority programme SPP 1934 "DiSPBioTech"
Chrysoula Bliatsiou

Finished projects
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