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We welcome you to our locations on the main campus and at Ackerstrasse in Wedding!

Research at the Department


Multiphase processes - Fluid dynamics - Technical processes



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Chemical and process engineering deals with the application of basic science to physical and/or chemical conversions. The economic aspects and feasibility for industrial applications are of fundamental interest.

The core competence of our research group lies in the following areas: 

  • Multiphase processes
  • Fluid dynamics
  • Technical processes

Further information about our research projects can be found here: Research
The Chair participates in the following research associations:

At which conferences our research group participates to present the latest research results, please see here: Conference talks

Students who are interested in writing their thesis at the Chair can find current offers here: Theses
You can also ask the staff for current topics.

Presentations on current research activities in the department

October 17, 2019, ACK 191

  • 10am, Giuliano Ercolano: "Untersuchung der Auswirkungen des Mischverhaltens von Harnstofflösung in heißen Abgasen stationärer Motoren für die SCR-Katalyse mit Hilfe der CFD" [PhD project presentation]

October 24, 2019, ACK 191

  • 10am, Felix Febrian: "Effect of Aeration on Droplet Sizes in a Coalescence-Inhibited Liquid-Liquid System Regarding Hydrodynamic Stress in a Stirred Tank Reactor" [Bachelor's Thesis]

October 31, 2019, ACK 191

  • 10am, Sophia Keßler: "Characterization of novel lipase enzyme PDN C67 for enzymatic splitting of castor oil" [Bachelor's Thesis]

A list of previous presentations is available here.



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