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Welcome to the Department! [1]

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We welcome you to our locations on the main campus and at Ackerstrasse in Wedding!

Research at the Department [4]

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Multiphase processes - Fluid dynamics - Technical processes

Staff [7]

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Head of Chair - PostDocs and Doctoral Researchers - Permanent Staff - Student Assistants

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Get an insight into our research and further activities

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Latest news about research, teaching etc. at the department

Summer term 2020 - Teaching goes online

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The summer semester 2020 exclusively takes place online. With a click on the above picture, you will be directed to the teaching sites of the chair where you can find all important information regarding the offered courses.


Lupe [15]

Since May 18, 2020, TU Berlin is operating in limited presence mode - without in-presence teaching. TU buildings are open limited to but closed to students and public. Most of staff is still working in home office. There will be no lectures requiring personal attendance.

This status applies until further notice.

Official letter from the TU Berlin Crisis Committee (May 14, 2020) [16]

Students please also note the info letter regarding the limited teaching mode.
Info letter from the Vice President for Education (May 15, 2020) [17]

For news and current changes at the Chair, please scroll down to "News".

Status: May 29, 2020 (continuously updated)


Our YouTube Channel [18]

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Get an insight into our research activities on our YouTube channel

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All news about the department's activities

Chemical and process engineering deals with the application of basic science to physical and/or chemical conversions. The economic aspects and feasibility for industrial applications are of fundamental interest.

The core competence of our research group lies in the following areas: 

  • Multiphase processes
  • Fluid dynamics
  • Technical processes

Further information about our research projects can be found here: Research [22]
The Chair participates in the following research associations:

  • Collaborative Research Centre/Transregio 63 [23]
  • Priority Programme SPP 1740 [24]
  • Priority Programme SPP 1934 [25]
  • EU Funding Programme Bio-based Industries - Project LIPES [26]

At which conferences our research group participates to present the latest research results, please see here: Conference talks [27]

Students who are interested in writing their thesis at the Chair can find current offers here: Theses [28]
You can also ask the staff for current topics.

Presentations on current research activities in the department

July 23, 2020, online

  • 10am, Justyna Płotka: "Untersuchung von Begasungsphänomenen in einem gerührten Fermenter" [Bachelor's thesis]

July 30, 2020, online

  • 10am, Qingdong Wang: "Numerical Analysis of the Lift and Drag Coefficients of Bubbles Rising in Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Media" [Master's thesis]

A list of previous presentations is available here. [29]


Max Buchner Research Fellowship for Dr.-Ing. Jörn Villwock

Lupe [30]

We sincerely congratulate our colleague Dr.-Ing. Jörn Villwock [31] on receiving a Research Fellowship granted by the Max Buchner Research Foundation for 2020/21. The grant worth 10.000€ is used in the project "Experimental analysis of single drop coalescence in liquid-liquid systems by acoustic levitation". This project is conducted by Jan-Paul Ruiken [32] as part of his PhD graduation.

Official press release (in German) [33]


From June 2020 on, oral examinations will again be conducted at the Chair. For recent information, please see the site "Prüfungstermine und -modalitäten [34]".

The dates for written exams will be announced in the respective ISIS courses.


Due to the current situation and the measures of the TU Berlin administration regarding the corona virus, further changes are possible at any time!

The following examinations dates have changed:

Physikalische Chemie

  • old: July 15, 2020         new: July 14, 2020

An overview of all examination dates can be found here [35].


Due to the limited presence mode of TU Berlin, there are no personal office hours at the moment.


In the face of the current situation, the secretariat is closed until further notice.
Personal consultations only on appointment.

Please drop mail into the post box FH 6-1 in the foyer.

For any request, please use solely the e-mail address: sekretariat.VT@tu-berlin.de [36]


individual [37]facebook [38]individual [39]twitter [40]


Ulla Herrndorf
FH 6-1
Room FH 615
Fraunhoferstrasse 33-36
10587 Berlin
fon: +49 (0)30 314 23701
fax: +49 (0)30 314 21134
e-mail query [41]
office hours:
see "News"

Office hours

Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. Kraume
see 'News'
Room FH 616

M.Sc. S. Röhl (EIS II A+C/ EIS III A+B)
see EIS II ISIS Website
semester break: by appointment only
Room FH 624
e-mail query [42]

Dr.-Ing. L. Böhm (PC, EIS II B)
see PC or EIS II ISIS Website
semester break: by appointment only
Room FH 626
e-mail query [43]

M.Sc. P. Waldherr (PC)
see PC ISIS Website
semester break: by appointment only
Room FH 614 or FH 624
e-mail query [44]

Dipl.-Ing. F. Krakau (VT I)
see VT I ISIS Website
semester break: by appointment only
Room FH 624
e-mail query [45]

M.Sc. J. Schulz (VT II)
semester break: by appointment only
Room ACK 191
e-mail query [46]


  • University Calendar [47]
  • Admissions Office [48]
  • Learning Environment ISIS [49]
  • Examination dates [50]
  • Textbook Answers [51]


  • ProcessNet Subject Division "Mixing" Vice Chair [52]
  • EFCE Working Party on Mixing German Delegate [53]
  • Participation in the MBR Network [54]

Reasearch Associations

  • CRC/TRR 63-InPROMPT [55]
  • Cluster of Excellence Unicat [56]
  • SPP 1740 [57]
  • SPP 1934 [58]
  • Bio-based Industries - LIPES [59]
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