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Welcome to the Department! [1]

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We welcome you to our locations on the main campus and at Ackerstrasse in Wedding!

Research at the Department [4]

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Multiphase processes - Fluid dynamics - Technical processes

Staff [7]

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Head of Chair - PostDocs and Doctoral Researchers - Permanent Staff - Student Assistants

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Chemical and process engineering deals with the application of basic science to physical and/or chemical conversions. The economic aspects and feasibility for industrial applications are of fundamental interest.

The core competence of our research group lies in the following areas: 

  • Multiphase processes
  • Fluid dynamics
  • Technical processes

Further information about our research projects can be found here: Research [17]
The Chair participates in the following research associations:

  • Collaborative Research Centre/Transregio 63 [18]
  • Cluster of Excellence UniCat [19]
  • Priority Programme SPP 1740 [20]
  • Priority Programme SPP 1934 [21]
  • EU Funding Programme Bio-based Industries - Project LIPES [22]

At which conferences our research group participates to present the latest research results, please see here: Conference talks [23]

Students who are interested in writing their thesis at the Chair can find current offers here: Theses [24]
You can also ask the staff for current topics.

Presentations on current research activities in the department

Februar 28, 2019, ACK 191

  • 10am, Nicolas Frey: "Anfahrverhalten eines dezentralen anaeroben Membranbioreaktors (AnMBR) zur Behandlung häuslicher Abwässer" [Bachelor's thesis]
  • 11:15am, Hendrik Hetmann: "Numerical investigation of the influence of sensor cavities on ultrasonic flow metering" [Master's thesis]

March 14, 2019, ACK 191

  • 10am, Projekt Verfahrensplanung: "Fortschrittliche Techniken zur Demulgierung von ölhaltigen Abwässern" [Final presentation]

March 21, 2019, ACK 191

  • 09am, Dennis Fröhlich: "Einsatz des Ablaufs eines AnMBRs zur Kultivierung der Mikroalge Chlorella sorokiniana" [Bachelor's thesis]

April 04, 2019, ACK 191

  • 10am, Dilyan Kamenow: "Stofftransport und fluiddynamische Untersuchung in reaktiven Gas/Flüssigsystemen an frei aufsteigenden Einzelblasen in einer Aufstiegsmesszelle" [Master's thesis]
  • 11:15am, Mathias Wilke: "Experimentelle Untersuchungen zu Phasentrennung gerührter Paraffinöl-in-Wasser Dispersionen" [Master's thesis]

April 11, 2019, ACK 191

  • 10am, Boy Li: "Enzymdeaktivierung durch hydrodynamische Kräfte in Reaktoren" [Bachelor's thesis]

April 25, 2019, ACK 191

  • 10am, Kolja Hector-Biniok: "Planung und Inbetriebnahme eines Capillary Breakup Extensional Rheometers (CABER) zur Messung von Dehnviskositäten in viskoelastischen Medien" [Master's thesis]

May 09, 2019, ACK 191

  • 10am, Janna Grabowski: "Modelling of enzymatic hydrolysis kinetics in multiphase systems" [Master's Thesis]

May 23, 2019, ACK 191

  • 10am, Thao Phuong: "Einfluss von Silika- und Aluminiumnanopartikeln auf die Tropfengrößenverteilung in gerührten Flüssig/flüssig-Systemen" [Bachelor's Thesis]

A list of previous presentations is available here. [25]

Scientific debates / Colloquia

March 21, 2019, ACK 191

  • 01pm, Jörn Villwock: "Systematische Analyse des Koaleszenzverhaltens von zweiphasigen Flüssigsystemen bei Ionenzugabe" [PhD defense]

Job offer Research Assistant / PostDoc

Applications are invited for a part time research assistant position at our Chair. This includes working in research and teach­ing at the Chair of Chemical and Process Engineering as well as par­ti­cip­a­tion in exper­i­mental and the­or­et­ical research pro­jects.

The earliest starting date for the job with the reference number III-26/19 is April 01, 2019 on a fixed-term contract presumably until November 30, 2020. The closing date for application is February 15, 2019.

Detailed job offer: here [26]

Please send your writ­ten applic­a­tion with the ref­er­ence num­ber and the usual doc­u­ments to the specified address.



Currently the office hours are according to schedule.

For individual appointments, please contact the secretariat [27].


The secretariat is closed from February 21 until February 252019.

Please drop any mail into the post box FH 6-1 in the foyer.




individual [28]facebook [29]individual [30]twitter [31]


Ulla Herrndorf
FH 6-1
Room 615
Fraunhoferstr. 33-36
10587 Berlin
fon: +49 (0)30 314 23701
fax: +49 (0)30 314 21134
e-mail query [32]
Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri:
9am - 1pm
Wed also 1 - 3pm
Thu only on appt.
changes: see 'News'

Office hours

Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. Kraume
Mon 4 - 5 pm
for changes and office hours
during the semester break: see 'News'
Room FH 616

M.Sc. S. Röhl (EIS II A+C/ EIS III A+B)
Mon 3 - 4 pm
current changes: see EIS II ISIS Website
semester break: by appointment only
Room FH 624
e-mail query [33]

Dr.-Ing. L. Böhm (PC, EIS II B)
Mon 2 - 3pm
current changes: see PC or EIS II ISIS Website
semester break: by appointment only
Room FH 626
e-mail query [34]

M.Sc. P. Waldherr (PC)
Fri 11am - 12 pm
current changes: see PC ISIS Website
semester break: by appointment only
Room FH 614 or FH 624
e-mail query [35]

Dipl.-Ing. F. Krakau (VT I)
Wed 3 - 4 pm
current changes: see VT I ISIS Website
semester break: by appointment only
Room FH 624
e-mail query [36]

M.Sc. J. Schulz (VT II)
Fri 2 pm - 3 pm
current changes: see VT II ISIS
semester break: by appointment only
Room ACK 191
e-mail query [37]


  • University Calendar [38]
  • Admissions Office [39]
  • Learning Environment ISIS [40]
  • Examination dates [41]
  • Textbook Answers [42]


  • ProcessNet Subject Division "Mixing" Vice Chair [43]
  • EFCE Working Party on Mixing German Delegate [44]
  • Participation in the MBR Network [45]

Reasearch Associations

  • CRC/TRR 63-InPROMPT [46]
  • Cluster of Excellence Unicat [47]
  • SPP 1740 [48]
  • SPP 1934 [49]
  • Bio-based Industries - LIPES [50]
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